Broome Eco Resort

Off-Grid PV and Energy Storage

160 kWp of Solar PV Modules

120 kWh of Power Plus battery Energy Storage

Eco Beach Resort, Broome, Western Australia

November 2020

Eco Beach Resort invited parties to submit to upgrade/retrofit the resort with a commercially viable renewable energy power system. The Eco Resort is an off grid microgrid with no connection to mains grid electricity. Current electricity supply is provided by a stand-alone integrated solar-lead acid battery-diesel energy system that was installed about 10 years ago, it was considered “state-of-the-art” and world class at the time. In recent years, the current system has been hit by operational issues with several failed PV inverters (end-of-life), several failed lead-acid battery cells (end-of-life) and a non-operational battery recharging station.

A site visit to the Eco Resort was undertaken by Northwest Solar Power (a GreenerTek Company) in June 2019. The objectives of the visit were to assess Eco Resorts’ power requirements, building structures, electrical cabling layout and suitability, and condition of existing power system. This data has been combined with site-specific energy and economics models to refine suitable commercially viable systems and an upgrade strategy to increase the amount of renewable energy power generation at the site.

Summary of New System and Installation Steps

  • Install new 100kW Solar PV
  • Integrate current solar panels and racking from Villas with new Fronius PV inverters
  • New solar system to be installed on rooftops of all Villas, Jack’s Bar and Workshop, Building, Villas, Large Villas, Jack’s Bar Workshop
  • Install new 118 kWh Battery System (Lithium Iron Phosphate) at the Workshop
  • Remove current lead-acid battery system(to be sold for scrap/recycling)
  • Remove current Leonic’s battery charging station
  • Install new batteries and inverters at the same location in the workshop
  • Replace 2 x 43kW diesel generators with 80kw generators
  • Option to reduce usage to 2-3 generators with new system.
  • Upgrade generator ComAp control interface
  • Install new Wi-Fi network required to monitor new power system
  • Upgrades to electrical distribution cables at Villa’s to support increased PV capacity
  • Integrate all above with new micro grid power management system
  • Monitor/collect data to regularly assess system(s) performance and electricity load
  • Provide monthly reporting to Eco Resor to Provide end-of-year system assessment and options for augmentation